One of the great things about Agape Bags is that it's just an idea. We are simply here to be a resource for you if the Lord is leading you to be involved in homeless ministry.

3 Ideas For Getting Started:

1. Order Starter Bags

We've tried to make it as easy as possible to get started quickly by creating starter bags that include everything except food & toiletry items.  Each starter bag includes a re-usable drawstring backpack, Gospel of John & Gospel Tract.  Started bags are currently free! You simply need to fill them with food & toiletries.  Click here to request free starter bags

Note: distribution is up to you! You can keep some in your car, use them for an outreach, donate them to a shelter, etc. 

2. Create & Distribute Agape Bags With a Small Group

Agape Bags can be a great activity for your small group.  Whether you are in a youth group, home fellowship or another type of group, the simple idea of creating bags for the homeless can be a great way to unite a small group through serving together, providing for practical needs, and sharing the Gospel.  Here's how:

  • Get together with your group and create a plan for how many bags you'd like to create and how you'd like to distribute them.

  • Order our starter bags or simply use gallon sized Ziplock bags.

  • Decide what items will be in your bags (sample list here)

  • Enlist people in the group to purchase items for the bag in bulk or get donations.

  • Assemble the bags as a group and pray together for the recipients.

  • Optional: have each person in the group write out a testimonial to be included.

  • Distribute the bags as the group sees fit. They are great for street outreaches, but we've found that shelters and homeless ministries will gladly help you distribute them as well.

3. Run an Event at Your Church

Similar to a small group event but on a larger scale. If your Church has a pre-existing homeless ministry or is looking for a way to get people started, Agape Bags can be a great vehicle. We donate free starter bags to Churches looking to run events and they can be very simple to set up. More info on the Church Involvement page